Friday, May 3, 2013

Y'all Ready For This?

This is not like that
THAT is school cheer. The pom-pons, the megaphones, the yelling. The cheering on of athletes. Mostly male athletes.
THIS is competitive cheer. It's that thing you see on ESPN at 2 in the morning that makes you go "THAT'S NUTS!"
The girls (and guys) who do THIS, they ARE the athletes. They have muscles in places you didn't know muscles could be. There are no instruments, no bats or balls or weights or pads or rackets, just the power of the body propelling itself up, around, across and through. THIS is a sport.
THIS is not cheering for anything but cheering itself.
Don't let the bows deceive you. Beneath the bow is an athlete that can out run, out lift and out smile you all at once.
THIS will be on full display during Blood, Sweat and Cheers. You'll get to see it live and you'll think to yourself "THIS. IS. NUTS. Is this really happening?"
Yes, this is.
Y'all ready for this?

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